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test hydra

Hydra Lips Lipstick, test sample, Tone "Classic nude" in the Faberlic online store for a low price 60 руб. Order Hydra Lips Lipstick, test sample. We are leaders in the manufacture of Valve body and Solenoid testing machines, tools and equipment. We also offer the full line of Hydra-Torque, quality Torque. Продолжительность.

Test hydra

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During the scenario, the average voltage controlled by duty cycle , the rate at which the voltage increases or decreases with time, as well as duration of any static voltage are sequenced automatically. The user can choose a prewritten sequence script from the extensive library or create their own. Depending on the user settings, this mode partially or completely repeats the specified scenario script in a cyclic mode.

It allows repetition indefinitely as all parameters are switched automatically. The mode is stopped by the operator. It is used for long-term solenoid testing. In this mode, it is possible to display current and pressure parameters of the solenoid in real time with overlay of the reference result from the library.

This mode is similar to the mode 1. For the first half Automatic mode 1 is used, for the second half — Automatic mode 2 is used. In this mode, it is possible to display the current and pressure parameters of the solenoid in real time with the overlay of the reference result from the library. It is available in all automatic test modes. Live displays of the values of the current and pressure are shown on the chart in real time.

The vast experience of the Hydra-Test team collected over the years has allowed us to accumulate a large database of test results. Based on this, we have created an extensive library of reference results, which include tests for all of the common automatic transmission models available in the market today. This library allows new users with at a novice level of test experience to successfully be able to test and qualify solenoids.

The reference results provided with the purchase are also templates for users to create their own library from, making the process simple and entertaining. For high-precision measurements of the solenoid test parameters, the Hydra-Test team employs an ADC with 12 bits of resolution, which allows current measurements with an accuracy of 0. The standard sampling period is 0. As an option, the sampling frequency of current readings can be increased to 50 kHz.

The standard operating voltage frequency range of the solenoid is Hz to 3 kHz. An optional expansion of up to 50 kHz is possible. An optional a hydraulic fluid temperature sensor with the measurement accuracy of 0. An additional ultrasonic cleaner can be added to your HT-SOL 25 test machine to clean solenoids before you test.

Cleaning them before testing will make sure your testing process is not influenced by debris and dirt of dirty solenoid. It will also keep the fluid in your machine cleaner and decrease the frequency you need to change the fluid. Tank size LxWxH inches — 6. Tank capacity — Solvent based liquid. Hydra-Test offers an ever-increasing line of solenoid test blocks that allow you to test each solenoid hydraulically, just like it performs in the vehicle while being able to see leaks, potential wear, or other functional issues that would be impossible otherwise.

Our dedicated engineering staff is continually developing new test blocks to cover the latest transmission solenoids on the market before they get to your shop. These blocks are made from precision machined aluminum to keep them light and easy to install in the machine. High quality quick connect hose connections to the machine allow for leak free and secure connections for accurate readings. It is driven and controlled very similarly to a standard adapter plate.

The 0AM DQ tool verifies:. We hydratest and send transmission fluid into the solenoid, energize and de-energize it and monitor the mechanical and electric performance of that solenoid in graphical form. Multiple transmission solenoids can be mounted into the block where possible, but they are tested one by one. For high volume work we can work with you on solutions to automate this testing for less operator interaction by valve body spealists.

Please contact us with your requirements to see if it makes sense in the HT-Sol. If your objective is to hydratest and monitor the solenoids simultaneously, we can test them in the valve body when they are fitted to our Valve Body Test Machine. New solutions can be provided within our ever expanding list of development projects. If you have a transmission model we do not have a test block for, we can make it for you, just let us know. Writing own solenoid test scenarios : the process of writing your own test data has been simplified greatly from the previous generation machines.

Complete electrical and hydraulic solenoid testing. Inquire for price. Brochure download. Advanced Valve Body Tester. The Hydra-Test VBT Deluxe valve body test machine allows complete and accurate testing transmission valve bodies with the ability to compare against a master valve body. Torque Converter Repair Equipment. Transmission Solenoid Test Stand. With our growing list of available adapter blocks, we have coverage for the models you are servicing today and those you will be servicing tomorrow.

Combined with our solenoid testing version of our HTC-S Controller and our unique solenoid testing software platform, you have the ability to record, compare, and verify solenoid functionality with unparalleled precision and accuracy for tests and results you can be confident in.

Client reference reviews. Other transmission products and services. More info. Custom Transmission Equipment Engineering. Transmission Shop Equipment. Check our dedicated section for industrial and heavy duty rebuilders. Our clients. About us. Torque Converter. Valve body.

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